If you are looking for a trainer with innovation then Kenny is the one. I started training with him before I left California and we continued after I left. I receive weekly assignments and he continues to motivate and push me. He is very knowledgeable and I would recommend him to anyone starting out on their fitness venture.Cecilia B.1/9/2011

If you are interested and looking for a knowledgeable Personal Trainer (I am talking 100% better then any trainer in a 24 or Bally’s), then Kenny is your man. He assesses you (like your goals for seeking a personal trainer), your abilities (he checks out where you are exactly when it comes to endurance and strength), and determines a training regime just for you!! I was so impressed on how skilled he is in his craft. I am so happy with him as a trainer (I will continue to see him until I reach my goals) and I already see a huge difference. So people check him out and let him help you reach your fitness goals -Gina Marie A.,12/30/2010

Someone else used the phrase ‘my Kenny’ in their review. Well that’s exactly how you will feel about Kenny. Kenny Strickland is a fantastic trainer and person. He is extremely professional, polite, and friendly. Every session Kenny will bring 110% and only asks that you bring the same. I have a heart condition, which makes me very short of breath with exertion. Kenny is incredibly receptive and tailors my workouts to make sure I am exercising within a safe range. Despite having to take some extra breaks Kenny is always supportive because I’m trying my best. In addition, Kenny is so dedicated to helping me reach my fitness goals that he emailed me a week’s worth of workouts for when I went out of town in May. Furthermore, Kenny’s exercise knowledge is vast. I never do the same thing twice, which keeps both my head and my muscles guessing. When I have exercised on my own in the past I have gotten into a monotonous routine, not with Kenny! He keeps it varied with a plethora of workouts. Kenny is definitely more than just my trainer; he has become my friend, which is a complete honor.-A.P., 7/12/2012