What We Do

Body of Work Total Fitness is a personal fitness service offered by NCSF-CPT/NASAM-PES certified trainer Kenny Strickland. All sessions offered in a private, newly furnished, centrally located fitness studio.

Why You Want To Be HERE

Kenny is rounding out almost a decade of experience training every kind of client. He has trained professional athletes, the disabled/physically challenged, the very overweight, and the average person just looking to get in shape.

“I ask my client to see themselves at their desired goal. If I can get you to see it in your own mind first we’re off to a good start. I believe training clients is a lot like raising kids, it’s not one size fits all. Each client has to be seen as an individual and it’s my job to identify the fire within them and bring it out.”

Body of Work Total Fitness is about results, feeling good, and reaching your fitness goals.